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Traditional Memorials

Mini Graves

A small upright headstone and kerb set provides a distinctive memorial to mark the ashes burial plot of your loved one.

These traditional memorials measure approx 2’ (60cm) overall and mark the burial of ashes in a private grave. Each design is available in a range of granites and can be made to accommodate one or two vases for displaying cut flowers.

The area in front of the headstone can be filled with coloured chippings or finished with soil for planting. A co-ordinating granite slab can be provided as an alternative.

Cremation Tablets

An exclusive ashes burial plot together with a traditional engraved granite memorial. Inscriptions can be enhanced with motifs, insignia and photographs.

A simple, elegantly designed, low maintenance, granite tablet designed to mark the burial of ashes within the Garden of Remembrance.

Designed to fit a standard 2ft (60cm) x 2ft (60cm) concrete foundation.

These cremation tablets can be made to hold 1 or 2 integral vases, if required. Available in a full range of colours.

Above Ground Vaults

Unlike other traditional memorials these secure granite vaults hold the ashes urn above ground making them particularly suitable for shorter term leases.

These vaults (AG01) and the above ground mini grave (AG02) each hold up to 4 sets of ashes. The bench, birdbath and sun dial are all designed to hold a single set of ashes. Available in the full range of granites unless otherwise stated.

Garden Memorials

A range of hand carved memorials that are often used to mark the ashes burial plot within a private space.

Available in all granite colours, they can also be made in Italian white marble but it is important to note that marble will stain and weather over time.

Vases and Kerbs

Vases are a classic maintenance free, granite memorial for displaying cut flowers. 

Available in all of the granite colours. V01, V02 and V03 are also available in marble & inscribed with a dedication to your loved one.

It is important to note that marble will stain and weather over time.


Classic Garden Range

These small memorials are designed in the style of classic and contemporary headstones and ideally suited for the dedication of a loved ones ashes alongside a tree or family garden.